On this page we publish review of our student and graduates.

A first one is from Ashish Kafle, which he shared on the Graduation Day of November 18th, 2023

Carl jung said: ” Know all the theories, master all the techniques, but as you  touch a human soul be just another human soul”. 
This quote has a much deeper meaning when we understand what makes a therapy effective. Research has shown that out of the factors that makes a therapy effective, one stands out- a sound therapeutic relationship. 
And there is no better way to build that than through awareness and presence in the here and now. Only when a therapist is able to be present with the client and all that the client brings, then the client feels seen and heard. This then develops a therapeutic relationship which will work as a tool for change. 
And awareness in the here and now is the beauty of Gestalt approach to psychotherapy. Rather than only learning external tools and techniques of therapy, our awareness itself becomes the tool for change. We not only learn what therapy is, we actually become a therapist.
Another beauty of gestalt is emphasis on personal work of the trainees. Gestalt trainees are required to complete 50 hours of personal therapy themselves to be qualified as a therapist.
Gestalt helps therapist in mainly two ways because of emphasis on personal work.
First, it gives the trainees an insider look into the process of therapy, in its actuality and totality. This later helps them to better understand the process of their clients. This is a unique first hand experience that has insurmountable learning values.
Second, If we ourselves have issues that we need to deal with, it is difficult to support clients in their process as those issues will interfere with client’s work. We will be preoccupied with ourselves and loose presence in the here and now. This is not to say that therapists are supposed to be without any issue in order to be a good therapist, and not to say that life offers no issues and problems after dealing with few of them in therapy. This is just to say that a therapist who has identified and has worked, or is working, in their own issues are better able to work and support the clients without being overwhelmed now and again. 
These are few among many aspects of Gestalt psychotherapy that trainees will come to encounter and cherish in their 5 years of training. At the end of 5 years, trainees will not only become a certified Gestalt Psychotherapist, but also a human being who is aware and capable of change and bringing change in others.